Cocoa Locks Hairshake

A few weeks ago I found in my mailbox a gift from Cocoa Locks.  A milk shake that contains ingredients which helps in strengthen our hair and grow longer and healthier.  The main ingredients which help in hair growth are Biotin, Zinc and Selenium.


Take Cocoa Locks Chocolate Hairshake once a day.  Add two teaspoons of Cocoa Locks to a mug and add 140ml of hot water.  One can add also milk.  Per serving contains only 26 calories and its vegetarian and gluten free.  

I love its taste.  It is not too sweet and its simply delicious.

Lately my hair became very strong and also looks glossy, but not in a greasy way.  A good thing about this product is that its made of natural ingredients and you do not have to stay popping pills into your system.  You can enjoy healthy hair and a cup of cocoa at the same time.

Photo 1 is before I started drinking Cocoa Locks and Photo 2 is after 1 month.  One can notice a fuller look.  I am still drinking Cocoa Locks Hairshake and I will keep updating you on my Instagram Stories with my results.

Also I couldn’t help not sharing with you the new pink packaging from Cocoa Locks!


Also all Style Syco Followers can benefit from 20% off at Checkout by entering the code ‘SYCOLOCKS’ on the Cocoa Locks Website.


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Vichy Normaderm

This is my first article featuring and reviewing Vichy products.  The first two products I am going to write about are a cleanser and a moisturiser from the Normaderm range.  These two products are essentials in our daily skin care routine.

Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel

This gel textured cleanser purifies the skin from the dirt gathered from our surrounding and environmental factors.  This product contains Salicylic Acid, which is Acne’s biggest enemy.  It acts by dissolving the dirt on our skin, the same dirt which clogs our pores and which put the skin at the risk of Acne.  It keeps the skin from getting blackheads and whiteheads.  It also contains Totarol which protects our skin from free radicals.  Free radicals are factors which to put it in a simple way, harm our skin and they are something abnormal for our skin, for example UV Rays.  The ingredient Eperuline acts as an anti-irritation agent and it contains anti-inflammation properties.

My opinion – I liked this cleanser.  It leaves the skin looking fresh and feeling clean.  It is also a great makeup remover.  It literally dissolves makeup and leaves no residue.  Its smell is very natural.

Apply every morning and night as part of your daily skin care routine.


Correcting Anti-Blemish Care 24hr Hydration

The product which takes care of the major imperfections caused in our skin, imperfections which sometimes we do not have control on.  It contains Salicylic Acid and also LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid).  It contains renewing and acne treatment properties.  Its texture is really light, and it won’t leave your face feeling greasy.  It is also a good makeup base.  Apply on clean face.

My opinion – Applying this product one day after another, I can see the difference.  I can notice that my skin has equal shine.  It is also a good moisturiser.  


I think the first step to treat acne, is prevention.  Prevention reduces the risks.  Also if you suffer from Acne, it is good to take good care of your skin and making sure that it is always clean and giving it, its necessary vitamins, meaning good skin care products.

My overall opinion – I liked these products.  Even though they do not have a fragranced smell, still I think they smell fresh and very delicate.  My favourite thing about the cleanser is that it highly dissolves makeup.  My favourite thing about the moisturiser is that I could see change in my skin and also I said this before about another Vichy moisturiser, its like putting a highlighter on.  It glows your skin!

You can find Vichy products in local pharmacies. 

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Pupa Milano Material Luxury Spring Collection

This is the Pupa Milano Material Luxurt Spring Collection.  I think this collection is the perfect makeup to own during this season where some important events might come up, like for example weddings.  Its colours are elegant but still with that touch of glam and fashion.


The lipstick is very long lasting.  It is called the Duo Lips Twist-up Luminuous Lipstick and Lip Pencil.  Its a 2 in 1, so for sure you will have the right lip liner for your lipstick.


Well let’s talk about the eyeshadows!  I mean before you even try them, you will fall in love with their packaging.  It’s Marble Pattern Packaging!!  So probably they can match your bathroom.  Then you start using them, and you will fall in love with their texture.  Its between compact powder and mid-cream.  They create a metallic effect.



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Eye Makeup On Point… with Nyx Cosmetics

A few day ago I received some Eye Makeup from Nyx Cosmetics.  Well I must say, I am not the best when doing eye makeup, and I see lots of tutorials to always improve my techniques.  The three products I’m going to show you here help to achieve some stunning eye makeup looks and without lots of effort or expert techniques.


Also Nyx Cosmetics are giving a free Chunky Dunk when buying these 3 eye products.  This is a moisturizing lipsticks.  It is suitable for  our everyday busy lives and can be used as a lipbalm, but having a touch of colour at the same time.

The first eye product I’m going to show you is the Glazed and Confused Eye Gloss.  This will create a smokey eye effect without all the pressure of blending the right colours.  Apply black eyeshadow and then add the Glazed and Confused Eye Gloss on top of it.  It has a creamy texture and it doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes.  It is available in 5 different shades. 


The shade in the photo is No. 2 Toxic

It’s time for Glitter!  The Shimmer Down Pigment is glitter powder which is highly pigmented,  I loved the way I could play with its texture.  I also mixed it with the Eye Gloss and it sort of gave me a chrome effect look.  The texture is very fine.  These pigments are available in 6 different colours.


The shade in the photo is No. 6 – Walnut

The last product I am going to talk about is the Faux Whites Inner Eye Brightener.  My first thought where… What is eye whitener exactly?  I never used an eye brightener!  Well with the help of the Nyx Professional Makeup Artists, I was thought that Eye Brightener makes your eyes look bigger.  You apply it like your eyeliner on your waterline.  I also tried and experimented a bit with it and added some black eyeliner with it and it sort of gave me an ashy look.  There are 8 different shades available.


The one I have is No. 3 – Linen.

All these products are available in all Nyx Cosmetics Stores.

11th April.jpg

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3INA Just For Fun Collection

In this post I will give my review for the 3INA Limited Edition Just for Fun Collection.  A collection full of life and colour.  Even the packaging itself speak the word FUN!   


This collection consists of an Eyeshadow Palette, 2 Longwear lipsticks, a highlighter and an eyeliner.  It’s a colourful and bold collection, which helps you to experiment in whatever personality you want to have for the day.  

The Eyeshadow palette includes highly pigmented shades and great for the adventurous ones.  Personally I think that these colours can be applied for every skin tone.


The Just For Fun Highlighter is a liquid highlighter.  I was dying to try a pinkish highlighter.  I love this highlighter, its texture is very easy to blend.  For an intense, enchanted kind of look, apply on the cheekbones using a sponge.  If you want a luminous look mix with your foundation and apply all over. 



This became my all time favourite eyeliner.  Its applicator is amazing!!! It has a dual width paddle to adjust for different widths, depends on how you like your eyeliner.  This eyeliner is saving me lots of time.  You can also use it on eyeshadow, and still colours perfectly.


The longwear lipsticks are the same as the previous posts, but with different shades. (Checkout the 3INA Longwear Lipsticks post ♥️)  You can opt for a hot pink or a more metallic shade.  Keep scrolling for swatches 💄



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Skinny Coffee Club

In this post I am going to speak, about a diet plan.
And no, it is not one of diet plans where you starve till death.  This diet plan involves a meal plan, which in my opinion includes a variety of food (including recipes), an exercise plan and drinking coffee.. The Skinny Coffee Club.  


Example of a breakfast from the Skinny Coffee Club Program.

This coffee contains 63mg of caffeine, which is less than a normal cup of coffee.  These are some ingredients which this coffee contains, which will help in weight loss:
Garcinia Cambogia – this is a tropical fruit and the active ingredient in this fruit, Hydroxycitric Acid, boosts fat-burning and cut back appetite.
Siberian Ginseng – used to improve strength when doing physical activities.
Spirulina Powder – This type of Algae contains lots of vitamins like Protein, Vitamin B and Iron.  It also helps in reduction of cholesterol and prevents you from health diseases. 


Each package also includes instructions of how to prepare your coffee and how much you have to add.

My opinion: I have to be honest that I deviated a bit from the plan when it came to exercise and food.  My aim was to keep the weight I have, and it actually worked.  I like the fact that my cravings reduced a lot.  When it comes to exercise, even before starting the program, I try to train at least 4 times a week, so I did more exercise than instructed.  Personally I really liked the food given in this program, believe me, it is not boring at all and includes any type of food you can imagine… it even includes cheat days!

You can visit the Skinny Coffee Club Website to see the full range of products they have.  All Style Syco readers benefit from a 20% Discount, simply by adding ‘FITSYCO’ at Checkout.


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Uriage Water Sleeping Mask – Review

How do you feel about night masks? Have you ever tried one?
An advantage of night masks is that after leaving them to work during the night, one will see immediate results, because the skin will look so fresh in the morning.
I was given the chance thanks to Uriage to try their Water Sleeping Mask.  This mask smooths, moisturizes and gives glow to the skin during the night.


To give hydration this masks acts on the cornecyte cement.  The cornecyte is a layer on the Epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and by its high mechanical strength, it helps the Epidermis to perform its functions, therefore as a barrier from physical objects, chemicals and environmental factors.  So in a simple statement: A non-functional cornecyte will results in a weak Epidermis.  A weak Epidermis will results in a dull looking and unhealthy skin.

Apply before going to sleep on a clean face and let it work during the night.  In the morning wash your face with your normal skin care routine.
My Opinion: I loved the texture of this mask, it did not feel uncomfortable and or like I have another layer on my face.  Don’t worry that you might stain your bed sheets, because it didn’t.  In the morning I could feel that my skin is hydrated and fresh.  I think it is very effortless as well, because basically you are taking care of your skin in your sleep!

Uriage products are found in local pharmacies.
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Ease Pieces – The New Online Accessories Shop

In this post I am going to introduce you to a start-up online shop, Ease Pieces.  They specialize in accessories, scarves and phone cases.  They offer free international delivery worldwide. 

Prices – very reasonable
Packaging – Shipping packaging very safe, well packed in bubble wrap and accessories come in jewellery boxes.  This make it ideal if you are buying to give as a gift.  All items arrived in perfect condition.



You can visit Ease Pieces Online Shop or their Aliexpress Store and get your hands on their collection to as Ease Pieces Motto is ‘Evoke The Best In You’.  This is what I received:



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Denim Pastel

One of the fashion trends for spring 2018 is Denim in Pastel Colours… well you don’t necessary have to put your blue jeans on know! 

Personally I find this trend useful, since sometimes Spring is not as hot as expected, but yet not that cold, and denim is the perfect material.  Even it is so casual and these colours great for an afternoon outing.

These are some ideas to have some of this trend in your wardrobes.  All photos include links ❤ 

Crystal Denim Bralet


White Fitted Denim Jacket



Floral Print Jacket and Denim Skirt


Denim Midi Skirt


High Waist Mum Shorts


Half Zip Denim Skirt




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