6 Days of Winter Outfits

During the holidays I collaborated with Deborah, the blogger who runs the blog Distorted Priorities, along with some of your favourite fashion brands: New Look, River Island and Tally Weijl.  This post will be a look book, showing the 6 outfits I chose for this collaboration.
I would also like to thank the makeup artist Ruth Abela from Makeup By Ruth and Maria Christina Mifsud for the photography.

Outfit 1/6: It’s Either You Love Them or You Don’t… Christmas Sweaters!
Wearing Christmas Sweater from Tally Weijl.



Outfit 2/6: 90s Chic
Wearing Slogan Coca-Cola Jumper, PVC Culotte and Shearling Pink Jacket from Tally Weijl.



Outfit 3/6: Warm Vibes!
Wearing Chunky Knit from New Look and Cropped Trousers from Tally Weijl.



Outfit 4/6: Good Girl Gone Bad 🙂
Wearing Top and PVC Culotte from Tally Weijl



Outfit 5/6: Girl Power On Point!
Wearing Pink Blazer, Pink Cropped Trousers with Frill and Detailed Crop Top from River Island



Outfit 6/6: Time to Party and Welcome a New Year ❤
Wearing Jumpsuit from New Look



While thanking all of those who where part of this collaboration, I hope this gave some fashion inspiration to my followers.

To check out Deborah’s Looks visit: http://distortedpriorities.blogspot.com.mt/2017/12/6-winter-outfits.html

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Face Care – Back To Basics in Collaboration with Uriage

In this post I will talk about some basic products which are a must for good skin care.  Sometimes we all think that to take care of your skin, one has to buy lots of different expensive products, which some people state that they are a waste of money, since even though they buy them, they still don’t use them.  It is either lack of time, negligence or else just being lazy. 

In this post, I am going to go back to basics, and start with the first 2 products which we have to include in our skin care routine.  Cleanser and Toner!


The Uriage Cleansing Makeup Remover Foam is a cleansing while also a very good makeup remover.  It is important never to sleep with your makeup.  This cleanser restores the radiance of your skin while removes any dirt accumulated during the day.  It is important that you apply cleanser every morning and evening.  This cleanser is soap free.  It left my skin feeling refreshed and clean after I used it.  It is also gentle on eyes, since I used it to remove my eye makeup.

file (1).jpeg

In combination of this cleanser there are two toners.  The thermal micellar water is available for different skin combinations.  For normal to dry skin and for combination to oily skin.  It is important that we are prepared for every type of combination our skin is into.  For example the weather really effects the combination of our skin, so when using the Toner, know your skin and choose the suitable one.  The Uriage Thermal Micellar Water for Normal to dry skin moisturizes the skin leaving smooth, while the Uriage Thermal Micellar Water normalizes the amount of sebum on the skin. 

After applying these Toners, I can feel my skin clean and ready so that I can continue with my beauty creams routine, making it easier to them to penetrate in the skin.

With these two basic products, you can start your own beauty routine and step by step you will have a skin care routine which will result in a healthy glowing looking skin.

Do not hesitate to send me any of your own questions.

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Suffering From Cracked Skin? – In Collaboration With Uriage

In this post I am going to talk a bit of what causes crack skin.  Our skin is exposed to many harmful effects.  Some of the factors are:
Frequent use of harsh soap
Cold Weather – low outdoor humidity and indoor heating cause our skin to loose moisture
Skin Condition for example Eczema.

Whenever you can make an effort and wear gloves while cleaning and also when leaving home in cold weather.  Always seek advice of a dermatologist if you notice or feel irritation in the skin.

I was given the opportunity to try the Uriage products from the range Bariéderm.  These are the Fissures Crack – insulation and repair ointment and the Reconstructive Barrier Cream for skin exposed to aggression through contact.


Fissures Crack
The active ingredient in this ointment is Poly-2P Complex which are are a combination of 2 polymers.  Well a polymer is a large molecule composed of many repeated sub-units (like a building), and is basically produced in a lab.  To understand well, an object for example a book scientifically speaking is made up of molecules.  When having a small cut, one apply plasters (which is an object), therefore it is made of molecules, like a polymer, so in this case the Poly-2P complex is the substitute of a polymer, and this makes the ointment to serve as an insulation and protection to our cuts.  Apply the ointment on fissures (tiny cuts) and ensure it is completely covered.  Can be used on body, hands, feet and nipples.  I find it very useful during my workout, since plasters sometimes get off with sweating. 

The Reconstructive Barrier Cream
This cream is also made of Poly-2P Complex.  This product acts as a barrier to our skin.  It’s like creating an invisible glove on the areas applied to protect skin from harmful factors.  It insulates, protect skin, also providing protection to healing cracks.


I normally combine these 2 products together.  First I apply the Fissures Crack ointment on small cuts and then I apply the reconstructive barrier cream.  Especially in Winter I suffer a lot from dehydrated hands, and sometimes I am even shy to show off my hands!  Working in a lab means that most of the time I am dealing hand-on with harsh chemicals, so even though using gloves, some extra protection always helps.

You can purchase these products from pharmacies.  To see more products from this range visit the Uriage Facebook Page.


Stay Cosy

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Beauty Likes ❤️

🎀 Kadus Professional Spark Up Shine Spray
🎀 Milk Shake Whipped Cream Leave-in Conditioner
🎀 Wella Professional Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray



🎀 Guam Alga Stick-Cell
🎀 Collistar Anti-Aging Lifting Body Cream
🎀 Uriage Silky Body Lotion



🎀 Inecto Coconut Oil
🎀 The Body Shop Body Scrub and Spa Fit Body Massager



🎀 Makeup Factory Magnetic Lips Semi-mat and Long Lasting No. 230 Nude Peach
🎀 La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream and Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Contour Cream
🎀 Estee Lauder Universal Perfecting Primer


Winter 17/18 Wardrobe

Hey There.. So I picked some finds for you ladies, for your Winter 17/18 Wardrobe, inspired from the runways.  All images include links and also at the end of the blog post you can find some discounts!


Embroidery 2  Embroidery 3  Embroidery 4
Embroidery 5

Chunky Knits

Chunky Knits 1  Chunky Knits 2  Chunky Knits 3


Red 1  Red 2  Red 3  Red 4  Red 5  Red 6


Silver 1  Silver 2  Silver 3    
Silver 4


Feathers 1  Feathers 2  Feathers 3


Plastic 1  Plastic 2  Plastic 3


Fur 1  Fur 2  Fur 3  Fur 4  Fur 5  Fur 6

Office Wear

Office Wear 1  Office Wear 2  Office Wear 3

Happy Shopping!

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Uriage Skin Care – Hyséac Range

During my last post in the beauty section, I discussed regarding the Uriage Hydration Range, which is ideal for those who have dehydrated skin.  In this post I will introduce you to the Uriage Hyséac Collection.  This range covers 3 types of skin.
1. Combination to oily skin
2. Oily skin with blemishes
3. Skin Under Medical Treatment

As usual when I receive Uriage products, they also teach me something about our skin.  Acne is one of the most frequent skin disorders.  Characteristics which are shown in skin with acne are small pimples, blackheads and oily skin.  It is important to see a professional when it comes to your skin.  When it comes to skin diseases, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist, before using any products, since for example acne, there are different types of acne.  Acne affects 4 out of 5 teenagers, both girls and boys, and sometimes this is because of puberty.  It is important that parents educate children from a young age regarding skin care.  Even though acne disappears between the age of 20 and 30, in some unfortunately still show signs after they are 25.  

Make sure to maintain a good skin hygiene and have a beauty routine.  Make use of soap-free products and non-comedogenic products; which means that these products are formulated not to cause blocked pores.  The Hyséac range by uriage is designed to get rid of pimples, blackheads and excess of sebum (an oily secretion from the sebaceous glands, to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair) efficiently.

In this post I will talk about:
Hyséac Thermal Micellar Water
Cleansing Gel
SOS Paste Local Skin-care
Hyséac Matifying Emulsion
Exfoliating Mask
Fluid SPF 50+

Hyséac Thermal Micellar Water should always be handy, since this is a good make-up remover.  Before doing your beauty routine, remove any makeup.  Apply your skin products to a clean skin.

file (1)

The Hyséac Cleansing Gel removes impurities and excess sebum.  This product can be used everyday mornings and evenings.  What I liked about this gel is that it’s smell is not strong, yet pleasurable.  Also after usage, your skin feels refreshed, you can feel the mint sensation.

Another product from this range is the Matifyin Emulsion which reduces shine since it contains a long-lasting sebum-regulating agent called Licorice.  It tightens pores for a more refined and tightened skin texture.  It is also used as a moisturizer.  Like the cleansing gel, after usage one can feel a refreshing sensation.  The Fluid SPF 50+ is  similar product, but with sun protection.

file3 (2)

The Hyséac exfoliating mask works both as a scrub and as a mask.  I used it as both; I messaged gently on my face and left it for a few minutes.  Then I rinsed my face with water.  I went a bit against the instructions and left it for more than 2min, so to remove any excessive mask, I cleansed my face again.  After that I could feel a fresh feeling on my face, which gave it a clear look.

file2 (2)

My favourite product from this range is the SOS Paste Local Skin-care.  Apply this product before going to sleep, since it is a visible cream and it has a clay like texture.  Also during night time our skin is repairing.  The skin will absorb the green clay and zinc, and from the first night it accelerates the spot maturation process, causing it to disappear quickly.  I can assure you that it works.  Those who suffer from PMS, and once a month some of us can experience spots on their skin, including myself.  I tried this SOS Paste, and the next morning I was already getting rid of my spot.  After the second night, my spot was totally gone.


The Uriage Hyséac Range can be found at local pharmacies.  Always seek professional advise prior choosing the right products for your skin.

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3INA – All New Ultra-Mascaras

During this post I am going to introduce you to the new Ultra-Mascaras from 3INA.
Can a girl have enough mascaras?
Well the Answer is ‘No’.

These are the different mascaras from this range:
The Lash Primer
The Ultra Volume Mascara
The Build-Up Mascara
The Ultra Lengthening Mascara
The Ultra Curl Mascara


During this post I am going to speak regarding The Lash Primer and The Ultra Volume Mascara.  But this is a brief description about the others:
The Build-up Mascara – It has a lash multiplying effect.

The Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Stretches lashes to the limit, while providing definition.
The Ultra Curl Mascara – Sets lashes into a sweeping curve.


The Lash Primer
The lash primer is a smooth base, which you apply before the application of your mascara, and helps to lengthen and define each lash.  Apply from root to tip of the eyelashes.  I don’t know if I am the only one, but when I apply mascara, I notice that my right eyelashes are more defined than the left eyelashes.  With this primer, I managed to proportion the difference, and when I added the mascara, my eyelashes where proportional.  Also when you apply mascara, the light colour of the primer disappear immediately cos of its creamy texture, therefore you do not have to stay applying mascara for multiple times.


The Ultra Volume Mascara
So this mascara has 3 stages.  First Coat – Lashes separate and look more defined.  Second Coat – Lifting and Curling.  Third Coat – for ultra-volumised lashes.  Apple in zig-zag motions. I loved the affect of this mascara, and also understanding its 3 stages, it makes it useful during the whole day, all you have to do is adding coats, depending on the event.


You can find all these Ultra-Mascaras in all 3INA Stores. Choose Your Wand!


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Dolls Malta

This week I was happy to visit Dolls, a new shop in the heart of Birkirkara, which specializes in stylish and chic outfits.  Whether you need a party dress, a smart outfit or a cosy yet chic look for the winter days, at Dolls it is all sorted.  Also you can find a selection of shoes and accessories.  Here you can sort your wardrobe, without dropping your bank account.  Their items are with reasonable prices and very good quality.  Another thing, which I know everyone is going to like is that Dolls bring very few of each item, and the majority of the items are just one of each size; therefore you can put your mind at rest that you are going to look unique.  I really liked the brand Parisian at Dolls, in my opinion is the definition of Chic Glam for the Ladies who want to look Beautiful and feel sexy.

Also Dolls Malta is offering a 15% Discount to all Style Syco Followers. Simply mention the code “TRYUS15” when visiting Dolls Malta Store.

But Wait There Is More…

1.  Take a photo showing off your Outfit purchased from Dolls Malta

2. 💌 Send it to Dolls Malta Facebook Page

3. The person with the most likes will win €25 Euro Voucher to Spend 😍💸


You can find the shop in Birkirkara, turn with Palmyra Stationery and it is located on the second corner.

If you visit their page: https://www.facebook.com/dollsmalta/ you can find also a map.  Also you can keep updated regarding their stock.

18th Nov

Happy Shopping!

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