Photographer – Matthew B Spiteri
Model – Nicole Ebejer
Styling – Maria Micallef


Photography – Matthew B Spiteri
Model – Desphina Zahra Models M

MUP –  Amanda Greaves
Hair – Lara Steer and Ruth Steer Chetham
Styling – Maria Micallef
Nails – Monica Agius



Photography – Matthew B Spiteri
Model – Desphina Zahra  Models M

Makeup –  Krista Zammit Marmara
Hair – Matthew Castillo 
Styling – Maria Micallef
Nails – Monica Agius


Photography – Andre Gialanze
Model: Francesca Petra Mizzi Caruana
Styling: Maria Micallef



Photography – Matthew B Spiteri
Make-up Artist – Krista Zammit Marmara
Hair – Penelope Tabone
Styling – Carla Grima
Stylist’s Assistant – Maria Micallef
Art Director – Chris Psaila and Samantha Psaila
Model – Biljana Bibi Boric Supernova Model Management

Venere Photoshoots

Photography – Matthew B Spiteri
Models – Daniela, Abigail and Janice
MakeUp – Krista Zammit Marmara using Eva Garden
Hair – Penelope Tabone, Gordon Mayo using Angel hair products
Stylist – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Shoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions

Photography – Noella Agius
Models – Erika, Nikki, Shannon

MakeUp – Elaine Galea, using Eva Garden
Hair – Kathleen Saliba, using Kadus Professional
Styling – Maria Micallef
Lingerie – Intimate
Florist – Anthony Azzopardi 
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Shoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions

Photography – Gordon Formosa
Models – Graziella, Casey and Aerona

Makeup – Elaine Galea
Hair – Ritienne Borg
Styling: Maria Micallef
Sweets provided by: Dylan’s house of candy and Alison Hili
Night Wear: Boux Avenue
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi

Shoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions


Photography – Matthew B Spiteri
Makeup – Marlene Vassallo 
Hair – Penelope Tabone using Toni & Guy 
Styling – Maria Micallef
Jewellery – Yana’s Jewellery
Clothes – Liu Jo
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Models – Graziella, Casey and Laura
Special thanks to F.Zammit Garden Centre
Shoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions


Photography by Matthew B Spiteri Photographer
Makeup – Marilyn MontebelloRodianne Caruana Rebecca Busuttil, Caroline Attard  and Dorothy Buttigieg
Toni & Guy artists team Gordon Mayo and Penelope Tabone
Assistant Hairstylists –  Jade Handorson and Veli Kazod
Styling – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Models & Guests:
Casey Pace – Mason and Ella Dixon
MelanieSammut – Ruth Sammut
Laura Grech – Helen and George Grech
Casey Busuttil – Gaynor Farrugia Degabriele and Marylee Farrugia Degabriele
Angele Camilleri – Shirley Camilleri
Stefanie Axisa – Riona Caruana
Celina Cutajar – Amber Camilleri 
Arezia Cordina Zammit & Graziella Fleri
Shoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions in collaboration with L-istrina.


Photography – Matthew B Spiteri 
Makeup – Elaine Galea Venere
Hair – Dominic Bartolo Jr
Styling – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Outfits – River Island
Models- Arezia Cordina ZammitAngele CamilleriCelina Cutajar
Photoshoot for Venere produced by motion blur and Unique Promotions


Photography – Ron photography
Makeup – Elaine Galea Make-Up Artist Venere
Hair – Dreads Hairdressing
Outfits – Terranova Malta
Styling – Style Syco
Props provided by Daniel Sammut 
Model – Angele Camilleri, Celina Cutajar, Casey Busuttil
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion blur and Unique Promotions – MALTA


Photography by Ronald Camilleri
Makeup by Marilyn Montebello The Make-up Artist
Hair by Vanusia HairDesign
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Styling : Maria Micallef
Swimwear – Giulia Pandolfino
Inflatables – Pukka Store
Special Thanks to @V&C Contractors
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion blur and Unique Promotions – MALTA
Models – Astrid Dorekens, Dianna Ivanova, Shailey Micallef


Photography – Mark Soler
Makeup – Elaine Galea
Hair – Claire Vassallo
Styling – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian Mizzi
Models – Astrid Dorekens, Shannon Cutajar, Yasmin Briffa
Special Thanks to CP Trading Co Ltd for the Chocolate
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion Blur and Unique Promotions Malta


Photography – Gordon Formosa
Makeup – Elaine Galea
Hair – Priscilla at Pamper Me Classy
Styling – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Models – Leah Schembri, Dianna Ivanova and Nichole Mifsud
Special Thanks to Trifecta Adventures Malta
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion Blur and Unique Promotions Malta


Photography – Ronald Camilleri
Makeup – Chris Attard
Hair – Mate Irsik
Stylist – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Models – Dianna Ivanova and Chantelle Grech
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion Blur and Unique Promotions Malta


Photography – Gordon Formosa
Makeup – Marlene Vassallo
Hair – Vanusia Mifsud Vella
Outfits – Gabrielle Fenech
Styling – Maria Micallef
Artistic Direction – Adrian J Mizzi
Models – Kelsey Fenech, Astrid Dorekens and Leah Schembri
Photoshoot for Venere produced by Motion Blur and Unique Promotions Malta

The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask

In this post I will review the New Youth  Concentrate Sheet Mask by The Body Shop from the Drops of Youth™ Range, which I received a few weeks ago.


Facts About The Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask:

Each packet contains 1 sheet of single use.

✿ Price is good – One sheet mask is equivalent to 70% of the concentrate which is found in a 30mL bottle of Drops of Youth™ Concentrate.

✿ Guilt Free… It’s 100% Vegan and environmental friendly since the sheet is totally biodegradable.

✿ It only takes 15min to apply, and you can apply it anywhere you are since its not messy, you know its all about time management 🙂

✿ Its main active ingredients are natural since they are plant extracts – Edelweiss, Criste Marine, Sea Holly and Babassu Oil from Brazil.


What Style Syco thinks of the Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask…

I started using the Drops of Youth Concentrate days prior applying to sheet mask, so I will make sure that my skin does not react badly to the ingredients.  Sheet mask is easy to apply and you can find instructions at the back of the packet.  Its scent is very natural and fresh.
Then chill for 15 minutes…


I will definitely use this sheet mask again.  After removing the sheet mask, my skin had the ultimate glow and looked very healthy.  Use in parallel with the Youth Cream, which is a light textured moisturiser leaving your skin with a silky feeling.


Tip: After removing the sheet mask, massage any excess fluid left in the packet using the Body Shop Twin Ball Massager for some extra tender, love and care to your skin.  This will basically help the product to penetrate more.  Also it will increase blood flow.  Improved circulation will bring more oxygen to your skin cells in the face and neck area and will improve the texture and tone of your skin.   Basically its a workout for the face 🙂

Style Syco


7 Things That Will Make You Enjoy Dressing Up More

1. Get to know what type of body shape you have.  This will help you to learn how to highlight the body parts you like most and vice-versa.  Let’s be honest with each other.. we all have some insecurities, and whether this insecurities are there for real or not, well that is another story then.


2. Learn what type of underwear is suitable for you and also what kind of underwear you should wear with a particular outfit.

3. Learn what are the colours that suit you best.  Start by getting to know more about your skin tone.  Which season are you?


4. Stop thinking about the brand, and start thinking about the look.  Some think that to be stylish, one has to spend lots of money.  Good news… It’s not true! During sales search for those items, which in your eyes are statement, which means you are not going to wear them multiple times.  For example a black coat is a good investment, since one can wear it with everything, but a purple coat no.  If an item is cheap in price and not designer tagged, that does not mean that it’s of low quality.  Read reviews before buying something, people write online reviews all the time.


5. One must always own black and white basics.  They can be worn with any colour.

6. If you do not know how to walk on heels, or they make you feel uncomfortable, opt for stylish flat shoes, like loafers and pumps.

7. Organise you wardrobe in sections; by colour or by style, so it will be easier when you are creating an outfit to find what you want.  Place all hangers facing forward and whenever you wear an item place hanger facing backwards.  Do this exercise every year and those hangers facing forward give you an indication what type of clothes you do not wear anymore.  This will help you to make space in your wardrobe, while also not to waste money on items you do not longer wear.


You can contact Style Syco – Fashion Stylist for any styling queries – stylesyco@outlook.com

Style Syco



Discount Codes

15% Off on all Capitola Watches using the code ‘STYLESYCO’ . Click the logo and visit their website.



10% Off at Micesutti Malta using the code ‘STYLESYCO’ when placing your order. Visit their Facebook Page.

Nyx Cosmetics Haul

In this post I am going to share with you some amazing new products which I got from Nyx Cosmetics. These include an Eyeshadow Palette, a Highlighter and a Lipstick.

The Eyeshadow Palette I am going to introduce you to is the ‘Swear By It Eye Palette’.
A palette which includes 40 different shades which are a mixture of cool and warm tones. 
Personally I think this palette is a good investment, since you can use it for any occasion and also all its colours are highly pigmented. With the selection of colours it offers, one can use this palette practically with every outfit you can imagine and you can create from the simplest looks to the most dramatic ones. 

The next new product I am going to show you is the ‘Whipped Wonderland Liquid Highlighter’. This jelly like texture highlighter is very easy to blend. It can also be used with a powder highlighter to increase the shimmering affect. It is available in 2 shades and the one I’ve got is the ‘Dazzler’.

The last product is the Powder Puff Lippie. This is a powder lip cream, and basically once you apply it you won’t even notice you have lipstick on. It doesn’t even stains for example when you are drinking. I suggest that it won’t be used on cracked and dry lips, due to its texture, and your lips will look more dry. The colour is very rich and it makes the look, looking very natural.

And this brings and end to my Nyx Cosmetics Haul. You can follow Nyx Cosmetics Malta and Nyx Cosmetics International on Instagram. Also you can follow my stories at Style_Syco for more looks using Nyx Cosmetics.
Use the hashtag #mysycostyle for a chance to be featured!

NOOS Turns 1!!

      Around a week ago I was invited to the 1st Anniversary at Noos, which is located at Tower Road Sliema.
Some facts about Noos:
– It has 3 floors which consist of Level 0 for Women, Level -1 for Kids and Women including accessories, underwear and makeup and Level 1 for Men
– In the kids floor there is an area for the kids where they can entertain themselves while the adults are shopping and also their outfits are in accessible locations so it makes it easier for them to choose.
– In the Men’s floor one can find a bar…yes a bar!! Whether you are stressed out doing your shopping or you want a break from the chaos that your girls are taking ages to choose something 🙂
During the lovely party we enjoyed some Prosecco and Canapés and some music playing in the background by the Local DJ Steve Ceaser.
Here are some photos of the night.


Photography: Mark Soler
& Some by Myself

Outfit of the Day – Jungle Euphoria

Into The Jungle – Leather, Faux Fur and Animal Prints
All outfit is from Topshop.
Links available for each item.
The Colour difference of the coat and shirt makes the outfit a statement.  It is ideal for those who do not prefer heels, the boots are very edgy and the material and the details of the shirt make the outfit looks chic and sophisticated. Comfortable for cold weather, and since it is not a revealing outfit, yet it still gives empowerment to the women who is wearing it.
Stylish, Smart and Sexy!
1. Borg Coat
2. Tiger Print Pussybow Blouse
3. Hardware Belted PU Mini Skirt
4. AGATE Low Ankle Boots