My Story

My name is Maria. My full-time occupation is that of a laboratory analyst. I basically test the quality of medicine before it goes into the market.
I’m also a fashion addict and this was the main reason I did the course in styling the Fashion Style Academy.

But how did it started?

So I had a really bad day at work.  While driving home I was determined that I needed something different in my life.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted… A new job?  A new challenge?  Or I pack my bags a run to a new country? No idea! I couldn’t see the opportunity anywhere.
When I arrived home, I made some tea and started to look up in a local newspaper.  I was thinking maybe I will find a new place to work maybe I will have some change.  I was so confused because I really love my job and I felt it was too early to say goodbye to it.
From a young age I was a total fashion freak. I was given my first toy a sewing machine at the age of 8 and my favourite game was always dressing up. I was always impressed with different styles and quirky things.  I wanted to make my own trends.

While turning the pages I saw an advert which was calling for fashion lovers to assist during the Malta Fashion Week 2015.  I felt a rush of excitement which made me forget all about my bad day.  I was determined that I had to do whatever it takes to be there.  I picked up my iphone, dialed the number and a lady, speaking in soft English picked up.  After I told her why I was calling, she explained to me briefly and asked me to set up a meeting.

On the day I was so excited.  I wore a black high waist skirt, a white shirt, a light blue cardigan, a black blazer, a black spotted handbag and a neon yellow stiletto.
I met Andie at Portomaso.  We discussed my dreams and told me about the course.  I told her I was going to think about it and that I will be in contact with my decision.

When I arrived home everyone was telling to go for it.  It was something that I love.  I was already taking tailoring lessons, and this was something that can help me increase my chances of a career in fashion.  I contacted Andie again and I signed up for the course.  As soon as I received my welcome pack, I started to work on my mood boards which I had to hand on my first lecture.  I started to realize, who said Fashion was easy?  One can’t do fashion if there is no passion.

The first day had arrived.  When I arrived at the Santana Hotel, I saw around 20 girls.  I wanted to orientate myself before I started to know the other girls.  Then we gathered around as a group and everyone started talking to everyone and from the beginning I knew we were a great group.  I got to meet and know lots of new people.

 Every lecture was interesting and I had learned a lot.  It was a great experience when we were part of the helpers’ team during the Malta Fashion Week.  I had 3 days to work. The first show was for new designers.  My second show was Caroline Hili’s Spring – Summer 2016 Fashion Show.  My last show was for International Designers.  Backstage is so hectic but lots of fun.

After I finished this course I started my own blog Style Syco.  I share my fashion tips, beauty tips, life experiences, travelling adventures and the things I enjoy doing.
This experience overall gave me a lot.  It helped me personal and also increased my skills and knowledge in this area.

Also if you are interested in being part in an experience like this visit: and check out the opportunities being offered.

Style Syco


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