The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask

In this post I will review the New Youth  Concentrate Sheet Mask by The Body Shop from the Drops of Youth™ Range, which I received a few weeks ago.


Facts About The Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask:

Each packet contains 1 sheet of single use.

✿ Price is good – One sheet mask is equivalent to 70% of the concentrate which is found in a 30mL bottle of Drops of Youth™ Concentrate.

✿ Guilt Free… It’s 100% Vegan and environmental friendly since the sheet is totally biodegradable.

✿ It only takes 15min to apply, and you can apply it anywhere you are since its not messy, you know its all about time management 🙂

✿ Its main active ingredients are natural since they are plant extracts – Edelweiss, Criste Marine, Sea Holly and Babassu Oil from Brazil.


What Style Syco thinks of the Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask…

I started using the Drops of Youth Concentrate days prior applying to sheet mask, so I will make sure that my skin does not react badly to the ingredients.  Sheet mask is easy to apply and you can find instructions at the back of the packet.  Its scent is very natural and fresh.
Then chill for 15 minutes…


I will definitely use this sheet mask again.  After removing the sheet mask, my skin had the ultimate glow and looked very healthy.  Use in parallel with the Youth Cream, which is a light textured moisturiser leaving your skin with a silky feeling.


Tip: After removing the sheet mask, massage any excess fluid left in the packet using the Body Shop Twin Ball Massager for some extra tender, love and care to your skin.  This will basically help the product to penetrate more.  Also it will increase blood flow.  Improved circulation will bring more oxygen to your skin cells in the face and neck area and will improve the texture and tone of your skin.   Basically its a workout for the face 🙂

Style Syco


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