7 Things That Will Make You Enjoy Dressing Up More

1. Get to know what type of body shape you have.  This will help you to learn how to highlight the body parts you like most and vice-versa.  Let’s be honest with each other.. we all have some insecurities, and whether this insecurities are there for real or not, well that is another story then.


2. Learn what type of underwear is suitable for you and also what kind of underwear you should wear with a particular outfit.

3. Learn what are the colours that suit you best.  Start by getting to know more about your skin tone.  Which season are you?


4. Stop thinking about the brand, and start thinking about the look.  Some think that to be stylish, one has to spend lots of money.  Good news… It’s not true! During sales search for those items, which in your eyes are statement, which means you are not going to wear them multiple times.  For example a black coat is a good investment, since one can wear it with everything, but a purple coat no.  If an item is cheap in price and not designer tagged, that does not mean that it’s of low quality.  Read reviews before buying something, people write online reviews all the time.


5. One must always own black and white basics.  They can be worn with any colour.

6. If you do not know how to walk on heels, or they make you feel uncomfortable, opt for stylish flat shoes, like loafers and pumps.

7. Organise you wardrobe in sections; by colour or by style, so it will be easier when you are creating an outfit to find what you want.  Place all hangers facing forward and whenever you wear an item place hanger facing backwards.  Do this exercise every year and those hangers facing forward give you an indication what type of clothes you do not wear anymore.  This will help you to make space in your wardrobe, while also not to waste money on items you do not longer wear.


You can contact Style Syco – Fashion Stylist for any styling queries – stylesyco@outlook.com

Style Syco



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