The Vichy mineral 89

As I promised a few days ago on my Instagram stories, I am going to review the new product by Vichy, the Mineral 89, which is a moisturiser that Hydrates, Plump and Fortifies the skin.
Here are some facts about the Mineral 89:
– It contains 15 essential minerals which are required for a healthy looking skin.  It can be used by all skin types (normal/combination skin and oily skin) by persons of all ages and also men as a skin Health Booster!
– You can either use this product in conjunction with other products or else it can be used alone.
– It removes skin dullness which is caused by daily factors like pollution, stress and fatigue.
– One of its main ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid, a chemical which is already produced by our body to maintain moisture levels, which unfortunately by various environmental factors around us, this might not be enough.  Applying Hyaluronic acid, will help the skin not to reduce moisture.  To give you a picture how strong and effective Hyaluronic Acid is; 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid is equivalent to 6 litres of water! So imagine what can it do for your skin…
– Another thing about the Mineral 89 is that it does not contains any Parabens and it is alcohol free.
Following is a guide of how you can use your Mineral 89.
My Opinion:
Texture: Rich, 2 pumps is all you need for your face and neck.  Easy to blend into skin.
Result: My skin looks fresh and not greyish dull.
Tip: When I am planning to do makeup, I apply it around 15minutes before, and I can notice that my makeup won’t break since it keep my skin highly moisturised.
Price: For the quality of the product, I say that price is very good and won’t get you broke, and if you are new to skin care or maybe still a student, it is very affordable and due to its rich texture it lasts long.
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