Velvet Caviar – Your Phone is an Accessory!

I have a question for you.. ‘Who can possibly live without their phone?’
Ok.. So if you can, you can just close this window and stop reading, but I know that there is only one in a million chance that someone will actually say ‘Yes!’.

So our phone is one of our basic needs.. for everything.. I mean it even reminds us when our period is due! I see it also as an accessory.. all that glam and stuff  even when it comes to phone accessories like cases, chargers and even a ring so you can comfortably have good grip of your phone when taking selfies. 

Velvet Caviar is an online shop for phone accessories.  As a stylist I am always cautions that my case is stylish and sometimes I even change it to go better with an outfit I am wearing.  In this post I am going to show you some of my favourite stylish picks from Velvet Caviar.






Make sure to visit Velvet Caviar and share your purchases on your Instagram Stories! Tag @Style_Syco for a chance of a repost!


Style Syco





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