The 3INA Eyeliner Collection

A few weeks ago I received another 3INA PR Box, and this time it was filled with Eyeliners. Different types of Eyeliners which will give anyone all the drama they want in their eyes!


In my box I found:

– The Dot Pen Eyeliner
– The Glitter Eye Pencil
– The 2in1 Pen Eyeliner
– The Glossy Eye Pencil
– The Matte Pen Eyeliner
– An Applicator (to get the best shape when applying the wing!)

What I love about these eyeliners is that they are highly-pigmented and waterproof.  The long-last a lot and I always go home with my eyeliner the same way I went out with it.  My favourite ones from the collection are the Matte Pen Eyeliner because of its fine pen and the 2in1 Pen Eyeliner, which I love how the shape of my eyeliner comes out and also how easy it is to apply.


For more about the new 3INA Eyeliner Collection you can check out my Instagram Stories.  You can also check out 3INA on Instagram and Facebook, or pay a visit to one of their outlets!


Style Syco

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