Cocoa Locks Hairshake

A few weeks ago I found in my mailbox a gift from Cocoa Locks.  A milk shake that contains ingredients which helps in strengthen our hair and grow longer and healthier.  The main ingredients which help in hair growth are Biotin, Zinc and Selenium.


Take Cocoa Locks Chocolate Hairshake once a day.  Add two teaspoons of Cocoa Locks to a mug and add 140ml of hot water.  One can add also milk.  Per serving contains only 26 calories and its vegetarian and gluten free.  

I love its taste.  It is not too sweet and its simply delicious.

Lately my hair became very strong and also looks glossy, but not in a greasy way.  A good thing about this product is that its made of natural ingredients and you do not have to stay popping pills into your system.  You can enjoy healthy hair and a cup of cocoa at the same time.

Photo 1 is before I started drinking Cocoa Locks and Photo 2 is after 1 month.  One can notice a fuller look.  I am still drinking Cocoa Locks Hairshake and I will keep updating you on my Instagram Stories with my results.

Also I couldn’t help not sharing with you the new pink packaging from Cocoa Locks!


Also all Style Syco Followers can benefit from 20% off at Checkout by entering the code ‘SYCOLOCKS’ on the Cocoa Locks Website.


Follow Cocoa Locks on Instagram and on their Facebook page and check out all their products range.


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