Eye Makeup On Point… with Nyx Cosmetics

A few day ago I received some Eye Makeup from Nyx Cosmetics.  Well I must say, I am not the best when doing eye makeup, and I see lots of tutorials to always improve my techniques.  The three products I’m going to show you here help to achieve some stunning eye makeup looks and without lots of effort or expert techniques.


Also Nyx Cosmetics are giving a free Chunky Dunk when buying these 3 eye products.  This is a moisturizing lipsticks.  It is suitable for  our everyday busy lives and can be used as a lipbalm, but having a touch of colour at the same time.

The first eye product I’m going to show you is the Glazed and Confused Eye Gloss.  This will create a smokey eye effect without all the pressure of blending the right colours.  Apply black eyeshadow and then add the Glazed and Confused Eye Gloss on top of it.  It has a creamy texture and it doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes.  It is available in 5 different shades. 


The shade in the photo is No. 2 Toxic

It’s time for Glitter!  The Shimmer Down Pigment is glitter powder which is highly pigmented,  I loved the way I could play with its texture.  I also mixed it with the Eye Gloss and it sort of gave me a chrome effect look.  The texture is very fine.  These pigments are available in 6 different colours.


The shade in the photo is No. 6 – Walnut

The last product I am going to talk about is the Faux Whites Inner Eye Brightener.  My first thought where… What is eye whitener exactly?  I never used an eye brightener!  Well with the help of the Nyx Professional Makeup Artists, I was thought that Eye Brightener makes your eyes look bigger.  You apply it like your eyeliner on your waterline.  I also tried and experimented a bit with it and added some black eyeliner with it and it sort of gave me an ashy look.  There are 8 different shades available.


The one I have is No. 3 – Linen.

All these products are available in all Nyx Cosmetics Stores.

11th April.jpg

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