Uriage Water Sleeping Mask – Review

How do you feel about night masks? Have you ever tried one?
An advantage of night masks is that after leaving them to work during the night, one will see immediate results, because the skin will look so fresh in the morning.
I was given the chance thanks to Uriage to try their Water Sleeping Mask.  This mask smooths, moisturizes and gives glow to the skin during the night.


To give hydration this masks acts on the cornecyte cement.  The cornecyte is a layer on the Epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and by its high mechanical strength, it helps the Epidermis to perform its functions, therefore as a barrier from physical objects, chemicals and environmental factors.  So in a simple statement: A non-functional cornecyte will results in a weak Epidermis.  A weak Epidermis will results in a dull looking and unhealthy skin.

Apply before going to sleep on a clean face and let it work during the night.  In the morning wash your face with your normal skin care routine.
My Opinion: I loved the texture of this mask, it did not feel uncomfortable and or like I have another layer on my face.  Don’t worry that you might stain your bed sheets, because it didn’t.  In the morning I could feel that my skin is hydrated and fresh.  I think it is very effortless as well, because basically you are taking care of your skin in your sleep!

Uriage products are found in local pharmacies.
You can also follow Uriage on Facebook and Instagram.

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