The 3INA Longwear Lipsticks πŸ’„

So I must specify that in this post I am going to speak about Longwear Lipsticks for Real!Β  So I own many many many lipsticks, and this includes also other 3INA Lipsticks, but these lipsticksΒ are my favourites till know when we are talking Longwear.

These lipsticks have the application of a lipgloss, which becomes matte after a few seconds and the most important it does not budge!Β  I went eating and also drinking wearing these lipsticks, and go back home with my lipstick still perfectly on!

There are 20 different shades in this range.


The shades I was sent are No. 516, 517, 518 and 520.

And these are their swatches starting from No. 517 till No. 520:


The 3INA Longwear lipsticks are available in all 3INA Stores… Join the movement!
These are some of the looks I created using the 3INA Longwear Lipsticks.  Follow me on Instagram for more: ❀

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