Face Care – Back To Basics in Collaboration with Uriage

In this post I will talk about some basic products which are a must for good skin care.  Sometimes we all think that to take care of your skin, one has to buy lots of different expensive products, which some people state that they are a waste of money, since even though they buy them, they still don’t use them.  It is either lack of time, negligence or else just being lazy. 

In this post, I am going to go back to basics, and start with the first 2 products which we have to include in our skin care routine.  Cleanser and Toner!


The Uriage Cleansing Makeup Remover Foam is a cleansing while also a very good makeup remover.  It is important never to sleep with your makeup.  This cleanser restores the radiance of your skin while removes any dirt accumulated during the day.  It is important that you apply cleanser every morning and evening.  This cleanser is soap free.  It left my skin feeling refreshed and clean after I used it.  It is also gentle on eyes, since I used it to remove my eye makeup.

file (1).jpeg

In combination of this cleanser there are two toners.  The thermal micellar water is available for different skin combinations.  For normal to dry skin and for combination to oily skin.  It is important that we are prepared for every type of combination our skin is into.  For example the weather really effects the combination of our skin, so when using the Toner, know your skin and choose the suitable one.  The Uriage Thermal Micellar Water for Normal to dry skin moisturizes the skin leaving smooth, while the Uriage Thermal Micellar Water normalizes the amount of sebum on the skin. 

After applying these Toners, I can feel my skin clean and ready so that I can continue with my beauty creams routine, making it easier to them to penetrate in the skin.

With these two basic products, you can start your own beauty routine and step by step you will have a skin care routine which will result in a healthy glowing looking skin.

Do not hesitate to send me any of your own questions.

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