Suffering From Cracked Skin? – In Collaboration With Uriage

In this post I am going to talk a bit of what causes crack skin.  Our skin is exposed to many harmful effects.  Some of the factors are:
Frequent use of harsh soap
Cold Weather – low outdoor humidity and indoor heating cause our skin to loose moisture
Skin Condition for example Eczema.

Whenever you can make an effort and wear gloves while cleaning and also when leaving home in cold weather.  Always seek advice of a dermatologist if you notice or feel irritation in the skin.

I was given the opportunity to try the Uriage products from the range Bariéderm.  These are the Fissures Crack – insulation and repair ointment and the Reconstructive Barrier Cream for skin exposed to aggression through contact.


Fissures Crack
The active ingredient in this ointment is Poly-2P Complex which are are a combination of 2 polymers.  Well a polymer is a large molecule composed of many repeated sub-units (like a building), and is basically produced in a lab.  To understand well, an object for example a book scientifically speaking is made up of molecules.  When having a small cut, one apply plasters (which is an object), therefore it is made of molecules, like a polymer, so in this case the Poly-2P complex is the substitute of a polymer, and this makes the ointment to serve as an insulation and protection to our cuts.  Apply the ointment on fissures (tiny cuts) and ensure it is completely covered.  Can be used on body, hands, feet and nipples.  I find it very useful during my workout, since plasters sometimes get off with sweating. 

The Reconstructive Barrier Cream
This cream is also made of Poly-2P Complex.  This product acts as a barrier to our skin.  It’s like creating an invisible glove on the areas applied to protect skin from harmful factors.  It insulates, protect skin, also providing protection to healing cracks.


I normally combine these 2 products together.  First I apply the Fissures Crack ointment on small cuts and then I apply the reconstructive barrier cream.  Especially in Winter I suffer a lot from dehydrated hands, and sometimes I am even shy to show off my hands!  Working in a lab means that most of the time I am dealing hand-on with harsh chemicals, so even though using gloves, some extra protection always helps.

You can purchase these products from pharmacies.  To see more products from this range visit the Uriage Facebook Page.


Stay Cosy

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