Uriage Skin Care – Hyséac Range

During my last post in the beauty section, I discussed regarding the Uriage Hydration Range, which is ideal for those who have dehydrated skin.  In this post I will introduce you to the Uriage Hyséac Collection.  This range covers 3 types of skin.
1. Combination to oily skin
2. Oily skin with blemishes
3. Skin Under Medical Treatment

As usual when I receive Uriage products, they also teach me something about our skin.  Acne is one of the most frequent skin disorders.  Characteristics which are shown in skin with acne are small pimples, blackheads and oily skin.  It is important to see a professional when it comes to your skin.  When it comes to skin diseases, it is better to seek the advice of a dermatologist, before using any products, since for example acne, there are different types of acne.  Acne affects 4 out of 5 teenagers, both girls and boys, and sometimes this is because of puberty.  It is important that parents educate children from a young age regarding skin care.  Even though acne disappears between the age of 20 and 30, in some unfortunately still show signs after they are 25.  

Make sure to maintain a good skin hygiene and have a beauty routine.  Make use of soap-free products and non-comedogenic products; which means that these products are formulated not to cause blocked pores.  The Hyséac range by uriage is designed to get rid of pimples, blackheads and excess of sebum (an oily secretion from the sebaceous glands, to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair) efficiently.

In this post I will talk about:
Hyséac Thermal Micellar Water
Cleansing Gel
SOS Paste Local Skin-care
Hyséac Matifying Emulsion
Exfoliating Mask
Fluid SPF 50+

Hyséac Thermal Micellar Water should always be handy, since this is a good make-up remover.  Before doing your beauty routine, remove any makeup.  Apply your skin products to a clean skin.

file (1)

The Hyséac Cleansing Gel removes impurities and excess sebum.  This product can be used everyday mornings and evenings.  What I liked about this gel is that it’s smell is not strong, yet pleasurable.  Also after usage, your skin feels refreshed, you can feel the mint sensation.

Another product from this range is the Matifyin Emulsion which reduces shine since it contains a long-lasting sebum-regulating agent called Licorice.  It tightens pores for a more refined and tightened skin texture.  It is also used as a moisturizer.  Like the cleansing gel, after usage one can feel a refreshing sensation.  The Fluid SPF 50+ is  similar product, but with sun protection.

file3 (2)

The Hyséac exfoliating mask works both as a scrub and as a mask.  I used it as both; I messaged gently on my face and left it for a few minutes.  Then I rinsed my face with water.  I went a bit against the instructions and left it for more than 2min, so to remove any excessive mask, I cleansed my face again.  After that I could feel a fresh feeling on my face, which gave it a clear look.

file2 (2)

My favourite product from this range is the SOS Paste Local Skin-care.  Apply this product before going to sleep, since it is a visible cream and it has a clay like texture.  Also during night time our skin is repairing.  The skin will absorb the green clay and zinc, and from the first night it accelerates the spot maturation process, causing it to disappear quickly.  I can assure you that it works.  Those who suffer from PMS, and once a month some of us can experience spots on their skin, including myself.  I tried this SOS Paste, and the next morning I was already getting rid of my spot.  After the second night, my spot was totally gone.


The Uriage Hyséac Range can be found at local pharmacies.  Always seek professional advise prior choosing the right products for your skin.

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