3INA – All New Ultra-Mascaras

During this post I am going to introduce you to the new Ultra-Mascaras from 3INA.
Can a girl have enough mascaras?
Well the Answer is ‘No’.

These are the different mascaras from this range:
The Lash Primer
The Ultra Volume Mascara
The Build-Up Mascara
The Ultra Lengthening Mascara
The Ultra Curl Mascara


During this post I am going to speak regarding The Lash Primer and The Ultra Volume Mascara.  But this is a brief description about the others:
The Build-up Mascara – It has a lash multiplying effect.

The Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Stretches lashes to the limit, while providing definition.
The Ultra Curl Mascara – Sets lashes into a sweeping curve.


The Lash Primer
The lash primer is a smooth base, which you apply before the application of your mascara, and helps to lengthen and define each lash.  Apply from root to tip of the eyelashes.  I don’t know if I am the only one, but when I apply mascara, I notice that my right eyelashes are more defined than the left eyelashes.  With this primer, I managed to proportion the difference, and when I added the mascara, my eyelashes where proportional.  Also when you apply mascara, the light colour of the primer disappear immediately cos of its creamy texture, therefore you do not have to stay applying mascara for multiple times.


The Ultra Volume Mascara
So this mascara has 3 stages.  First Coat – Lashes separate and look more defined.  Second Coat – Lifting and Curling.  Third Coat – for ultra-volumised lashes.  Apple in zig-zag motions. I loved the affect of this mascara, and also understanding its 3 stages, it makes it useful during the whole day, all you have to do is adding coats, depending on the event.


You can find all these Ultra-Mascaras in all 3INA Stores. Choose Your Wand!


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