3INA Utility Collection

In this post I will introduce you to the 3INA Utility Collection.  In my opinion, this collection was launched for us at the right time, since it’s bold block colours, are what we need for the Autumn Season.  This collection is made of primary matte essentials and goes perfectly for those who like the urban style.  I also remind you that 3INA products are paraben (which are preservatives in cosmetics which can cause cancer) and cruelty free (therefore not tested on animals).

These are the products I received and which I am going to review in this post:
The Shadow Paint
The Eyeliner Pencil
The Chubby Lipstick

file4 (2)


The Shadow Paint
This shadow paint is very long lasting and gives a very intensive look.  In my opinion it can be even used for face painting, because it has a very thick finish.  Apply only a bit on your brush, since even though when you open the tube, you see a light texture, if you have a lot on your brush it will be hard to manage and you might mess your look.  I felt it a bit heavy on my eyelids, but then again, seeing its results and how long lasting it is, it contributes.  I really like its packaging, its so different from the usual eyeshadows.  The colour I received is 700 which basically it has a white matte finish.  There are 4 shades available.

file1 (2)

file (3)


The Eyeliner Pencil
To be honest I never used coloured eyeliner, so this was a first for me.  The first time I used it was in an everyday look, and looking at my face I felt that I had the complete look, since it made my eyes stand out.  I really liked the contrast of the eyeliner and my dark eyes.  Also this eyeliner is also ideal for blending, with either other eyeliner colours or eyeshadow.  The colour in the photo is 613 and another shade is available in all 3INA stores.

file3 (2)


The Chubby Lipstick
Well, I must admit, this is my favourite product from this collection.  So I am a lipstick junkie so obviously I immediately tried it, and I loved this lipstick so much, that I am even using it during day time, even though it has an intense dark colour.  It is very easy to use, since it has the pen shape.  Another thing is that even though it has a matte finish, still on your lips it feels light and there is not that sensation like your lips are cracking.  Even when doing a retouch, you won’t feel bits of your lipstick getting off.  Even while eating or drinking, with its smooth texture, this lipstick won’t crack.  My shade is No. 113.  There are 4 shades available.

file (2).jpeg


To end this post I will share with you some photos of looks where I used the 3INA Utility Collection.

3rd Nov (2)

Halloween Party

25th Oct

Saturday Morning Day Look


Style Syco


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