Uriage Skin Care – Hydration

A few weeks ago, I was reached by Kirsten from Uriage Malta.  We spoke about the Uriage brand and I received some o f their products to give them a try.  I did not know from where to start, so as I usually do I created a routine with these products and started using them daily.

In this post I will talk about:

Thermal Micellar Water
Water Serum
Water Eye Contour Cream
Rich Water Cream
Silky Body Lotion
Unctuous Body Balm

All these product are from the Hydration Range.  I also received the Hyseac Exfoliating Mask and the SOS Paste Local Skin Care, which I will talk about in another post.


First of all I would like to give you some information regarding dehydrated skin, from which I learned from Uriage, and for those who suffer from dehydrated skin, especially now in Winter, will surely see the use of the products in this post.

When our skin is dehydrated it lacks suppleness, which means our skin texture feels hard and sometimes you might feel that sensation when you move your facial muscles, that your skin might crack or break.  This is an uncomfortable sensation, especially when we start noticing actual breakages, which start to make our skin look dirty and also interfere with makeup application.  Dehydration causes fine lines and also our skin looks dull and without glow.  

Factors which cause dry skin are smoking and pollution, alcohol, air conditioning, clothes rubbing against the skin, long hot showers and baths and stress.  These are all factors, which we cannot totally eliminate from our everyday lives, and therefore we need a prevention to avoid dehydration of our skin.  I admit I feel really guilty regarding my smoking habit, yet at least I reduced a lot.  Then again to avoid these factors you will basically need to live in a bubble, so thank god skin care products were invented!

During previous posts I spoke a lot about what we can do to maintain healthy skin, but I am sure repeating some of these things will do no harm, and I must, since I need to emphasize the importance of daily good skin care.  It is important to drink water and eat foods that help you to hydrate your skin like fruits and vegetables.  Create a skin care routine which includes at least a Cleanser, Toner and a Moisturizer.  Make a favor to yourselves, and never sleep with makeup.  Do weekly exfoliation, which as you will see soon in this post, it will take you only 2 minutes of your busy lives.  Invest in a good moisturizer and make it a must that they won’t just serve to be a decoration in your bathroom, but to actually use them and add them to one of your items in your handbags.  Personally I work a full day in Air-conditioning, so I try also to moisturize during a random time during the day.


Mostly of the Uriage products are Hypoallergenic, which means that it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. 

I found the Thermal Micellar Water as a very good make up remover.  It literally removes dirt which is attached to our skin, through the environment around us.

The Water Serum is a moisturizing booster.  It helps to rebuild the skin barrier which leaves our skin with maximum moisture.  This happens in the Epidermis, which is the outer layer of our skin.  Apply this serum and face and neck.  One of the main ingredients is HMW Hyaluronic Acid, which keeps the skin glowing, looking young and hydrated.  It also occurs naturally in our body.  Do not be afraid that this will be harsh to your skin, since this is a high molecular weight formulation of Hyaluronic acid and therefore its penetration is less and slower, but affective.  The texture of this serum is really light, and basically for a week where I use 2 times a day, I only used 3mL, so imagine with a full size.

The water eye contour cream reduces the appearance of dehydration and fine lines; therefore basically our eyes look fresh instead of dull and tired.  It has the same effects of the water serum.  One of its active ingredients is Dextran Sulphate which is supplied as the sodium salt forms, which gives it the properties to dissolve and stable in water.  Being combined with Hydrothermal Complex, gives more moisture to our skin.

The rich water creams, acts as well like the products mentioned above.  It softens the skin and one can notice immediate results.  It has a thick texture and this helps not to leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky.  It also includes shea butter. 

If one suffering from dehydration all over the body, the silky body lotion is ideal.  It moisturizes the skin leaving it soft.  A thing which I like about this product is the fact, that it does not smell funny.  I tried various body lotions specifically for dry skin, and I always notice that they have a pinch in their smell which makes me feel like I just rubbed myself in some kind of medicine.  This body lotion has a light but sweet smell.


Also a similar product is the Unctuous Body Balm, which I prefer to use when I am going out and I have skin showing.  While I was applying it, honestly I thought it has glitter in it.  It leaves the skin not just glowing but gives it the shimmery and soft look.  It works like the silky body lotion; the only slight difference is in their texture.  It also includes crowberry, which due to its antioxidants it contains your body can get rid of the free radicals which causes our skin to age.  Free radicals to give to an easy explanation to non-science friendly readers, break into our skin cells and break their original structure and this damages our DNA and cause the ageing progress to increase.  Free radicals come from the factors we mentioned before smoking, junk food, alcohol etc.


In the next post I will write regarding the Uriage Hyseac Range and their benefits.  For now get hydrated!


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