3INA Best Sellers

This post is all about 3INA Best Sellers.  Personally I think these are every girl’s essentials in every make-up look.  

The following are the products which I am going to talk about:

The Highlighter 201 – Definitely this highlighter gives you an ultimate glow.  I like to use it with everyday effortless make-up looks, and then add a pinch of highlighting.  Apply lightly on cheeks, forehead, eyelids and cupid’s bow.


The Cream Eyeshadow 313 – This long lasting eyeshadow is highly pigmented.  It is very easy to apply, since it has a very smooth and light texture.  Also a good thing about this eyeshadow is that it is waterproof.  Its colour is ideal, since it can be worn throughout all the day.


The Longwear Lipstick 503 – Its name says it all, because it is a very longwear lipstick, and does not bleed.  I like its colour a lot, since it is very natural, but yet still gives a statement.  This shade is that kind of shade, which I call the emergency shade, and if you are in a hurry and don’t know which lipstick you are going to use, this will be your life saver.  It looks like a lip gloss, but after application, it turns into matte.


Following are some looks where I used 3INA Best Sellers:


Style Syco


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