Something About Me

Style Syco was originated in August 2015.  Originally the facebook page was launched in 2012, but left aside for personal reasons.  Fashion was something that I followed from a young age.  Admired models like Kate Moss and used to collect fashion magazines and the reason I wanted to grow up was to wear heels!  In 2015, after I attended a course in Fashion Styling and started to attend Tailoring Lessons, I decided to give the page a new look and a way to promote my Styling, but brands were seeing Style Syco as an influencer as well and therefore the blog Style Syco was born.

Why Style Syco?
As Coco Chanel said; “Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal” and sometimes to keep up and one will not be afraid to show their style is hard, and sometimes, yes, people call them crazy 😁.

From then I collaborated with various local and international brands, Styling photo shoots and also I became one of the stylists for the local TV program Venere and part of the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week Team as Backstage Logistics and Wardrobe Coordinator.

Apart from all this I am a Laboratory Analyst and here one can see the nerd side of me 🤓.   Also I want to be an inspiration for all the professional ladies out there.  Some people think that you are smart and intelligent they won’t be able to fit in the fashion and entertainment industry.  Well look at me… Nerd by day, Fashionista by night!
Apart from all this I try to find time for my friends and family and to do some travelling, get out my inner party animal and one of the most important things, working out for at least 4 times a week.

For queries and collaborations you can email me at 

Style Syco 

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