3INA Eyes Line Up Collection

Lately I received the 3INA Eyes Line Up Collection.  Personally I do not consider myself as an eye make-up person, but I could not resist trying all these products and to be honest with you, the more eye make-up I am reviewing, the more in love I am becoming with it!

The following are the products I am going to talk about in this post:


The Eye Gloss – Well I never used an eye gloss before!  I took some time till I figured out how it works and also to check its texture before I actually put it on my eye lids.  As it states in the name it is really glossy, so once you apply it, you can actually make a mess if you try to remove it.  Personally I, which I am not that of a pro when it comes to creating eyeshadow vague looks, I like it, since it creates a glossy and edgy effect.  Use it on top of eyelid or over eye shadow.
The Eye gloss tube in the photo is No. 503.  It is available in 4 colours.


The Gel Eyeliner – I don’t know why, but I was never a fan of Gel Eyeliner.  In fact I never bought or tried any, so for me this was also new.  Well I must say, I was loosing a lot.  I really liked the effect of Gel Eyeliner.  I liked the fact that I did not have the traditional liquid eyeliner look, but was more of a soft lined shadow, which created a different effect in the eyes.   It is very long lasting and it does not fade.
The Gel Eyeliner in the photo is No. 801.  It is available in 4 colours.


The Eyebrow Kit – This consists of an eyebrow wax and powder, a tweezers and 2 mini brushes – the oblique brush for the wax and the straight tip brush for the powder.   Remove any extra hairs your eyebrows with the tweezers, then shape your eyebrows using the oblique brush with the wax.  Then with the straight brush apply the powder on the shape you had drawn.  I like this kit, since it still left my eyebrows looking natural.
The Eyebrow Kit in the photo is No. 403.  It is available in 4 colours.


The Duo Eyeshadow – Amazing colours are avaiable.  A bold colour is blended with a lighter one.  It is highly pigmented.  I noted that the eyeshadow powder is fine while using.  I did some research on the brand’s website, and there is a trick for a much bolder result – to moist the brush tip with some water.  I am definitely going to try and experiment with this trick.  Everyday I learn something new!
The shade in the photo is No. 607.  There are 12 different shades available.


The Eyeshadow Palette – Each palette consists of 6 shades.  Each shade is highly pigmented and in each palette the combination allow you to blend colours and create and highlight a statement look.  I loved the colours, even they contain lots of shimmer.
The palette in the photo is No. 103.  4 different palettes with different colour scales are available.


Following are some looks I created:

The Eyes Line Up Collection is available in all 3INA stores.  Post the looks you create using the hashtag #AllEyesOnYou.

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