My Top 3 Beauty Essentials for Summer 2017

While Autumn is around the corner with approximately 2 weeks to go, in this post I will share with you the top 3 essential products which I could not survive this summer without.  

I must say that I am a cosmetics shopaholic, so I use lots of beauty related products, but as we all know, you know it’s a good product when you re-buy that particular product when it finishes.   These are my top 3:

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport Sunblock:
Sunblock is the most important thing during Summer, especially during the sun peak hours.  UV rays are becoming harsh every year, so always protect your skin.  One must know that not protecting your skin from the sun, can cause wrinkles and worst skin diseases like skin cancer.  I like this sunblock because of its light texture, and doesn’t make you feel sticky after application.  I am a sun lover, and when I’m at the beach I sunbath all day!  Using this sunblock, I never got any sun burn!  I use sunblock all day.   Daily I apply sunblock every morning before going to work and even before leaving work.



Milkshake 12 Effects Leave-In Conditioner
Chlorine from pools, sun and heat, are all factors which harm our hair.  Using the Milkshake Leave-in conditioner my hair never got tangled and also not damaged.  This product contains muru muru butter, glycolic fruit extracts and milk proteins which leaves the hair smooth, shiny and soft.  Well I must say… I had to most amazing beach waves this summer 🙂



Uriage Thermal Water
To be totally honest I was a bit skeptic about this product when I asked my pharmacist for a make-up fixing spray because I forgot to buy one from an actual make-up store, and she gave me this.  Well not anymore.  I use this spray after my full make-up application.  It’s a really good make-up fixer and also for a fresh look even if you are not wearing make-up.  I use it during the day or night, when I’m out to refresh my look, since it acts as a really good moisturizer and restores any salts loss from our skin when we are sweating.  My makeup never got messy and also my skin was looking refreshed all day and night.  


Well enjoy the last bit of Summer… Until the next one


Style Syco

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