Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximising Sheet Mask

Finally I found some ME time and tried the new Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximising Sheet Mask.  This is my first collaboration with Avon Malta, but stay tuned since there are more to come!


Well it’s true it will unmask your beauty.  It’s ingredients helps to stimulate the hyaluronic acid and collagen production.  Hyaluronic acid is found in spaces around skin tissue and acts as a binding, lubricating and protective agent.  Collagen is a protein found in our skin and basically the amount of collagen in our skin determines our skin elasticity.  This mask also contains retinol/saccharomyces polypeptide.  This works as a skin conditioning agent therefore it provides the skin with it required fats.  It reduces evaporation and therefore increases the moisture content in the skin.
Here is a full ingredient list:


I used the mask as indicated in the instructions, which are at the back of the packaging.  They are easy to follow.



I left the mask on for 15 minutes.  It is really easy to apply.  During those 15 minutes one can either continue their daily (indoors :P) chores or else take a break and smell its relaxation perfume.

After I removed the mask, I massaged as indicated on the instructions, the remaining fluid.  I used a face massager so product will penetrate more in my skin.  My face was really moisturized.  It felt like I have baby skin all over again.  Its results are amazing!  My skin looked so clean, soft and glowing.

If you want to Unmask you Beauty like I did, visit Avon Malta.

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