Festival Needs

Summer is around the corner and this means it’s festival season! Well this post will help you style your festival look… And glam while your rave.

Well these items will make your trip really easier as well.

Ansel Tempation Eyebrow Stamp

This eyebrow stamp creates a perfect eyebrow shape in just seconds.  This will save you lots of time, especially if your accommodation is a camp.  This will also reduce the amount of make-up items to pack.


Mahi Bag

The Mahi Bag is really comfortable and spacious, and at the same time it is comfortable for a 3-day break, where you can hold all your needs.  The best thing is that you can customize your own bag with your initials.  Also with every bag Mahi give a donation to charity.


Statement Bathing Suit

Well this can start as an outfit, and then turn into your swimming costume.  Will look in style all the time, but also ready for water.   So you don’t have to think that your clothes will end up ruined.



This is an essential.  These raincoats are becoming part of our wardrobes, since everyone is busy and running back and forth, in rain and in sun, well it is much easier to find a stylish raincoat.  During festivals, some countries tend to be raining, so don’t ruin the fun… put your raincoat on.

Clear Vinyl Lace Raincoat

Coloured Hair

It doesn’t necessary has to be your own hair, but add some fun in your hairstyle with fun colours extensions.  Also you can use the semi-permanent unicorn hair colours by Limecrime.


Style Syco

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