Flormar Professional Make-up

A few days ago I received some products from Flormar Professional Make-up.  I could not decide from which one am I beginning to use first.  I think you understand the thing when you buy lots of make-up and you want to try it all immediately!


Knowing me, as a lipstick addict, I started with the Oversize Pencil Lipstick.  Since I use and buy lots of lipsticks, when it comes to take an idea of what a brand has to offer in terms of quality, my first impression always comes from lipstick.  Well I was impressed.

So I applied this lipstick at around noon.  I went for my 8 hour shift.  I ate, drank coffee, smoked and whenever I look in the mirror my lipstick was still there.  It doesn’t crack.  In my opinion it’s one of the best long-lasting lipsticks.

It’s colour ‘Pure Nude’ has a mix of touches of coral pink and brown.  Some nudes make me look like I’ve been sick for 3 days but this nude gave colour to my face.  Also when considering that I wore this lipstick as an everyday look where I only used tinted moisturizer and some mascara.  It made my lips look so full, it’s like someone gave me lip injections.  Its texture is so rich and it isn’t runny and gives a fuller look to your lips.


All Flormar lipsticks are long-lasting.  I also used Flormar Party Lipstick ‘Kiss of the Night’ and it’s matching lip-liner and after a night-out it was still perfect.  Its texture is really light, that at some point I was thinking that my lipstick went off.


The vinyl liquid eyeliner has a thick texture.  I normally prefer a lighter texture when it comes to eyeliner, but that is my personal opinion.  In terms of quality it doesn’t fade and even when applied on eye shadow its colour is rich.

I received 2 different types of eye shadows.  One is the Cozy Quartet 4 colour palette and second is the party eye shadow which I received 3 single shades.  They are both different in terms of colour.  The cozy quartet is ideal for smokey eyes and the party eye shadows are rich in glitter.  Both types of eye shadow, their colours are highly pigmented and therefore it gives you a strong look when applied.





The Face Sculpting Kit I found it very ideal for everyday make-up.  It’s colours are soft and it’s doesn’t give you that bold look.  I found it very ideal for when not doing that full make-up look, but just something to give you a fresh look in the morning.



You can find Flormar Outlets in Paola and St. Julians.

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