Boots Care

Getting closer to start the winter season, it seems that some days the rain is not going to give us a break.  While wearing your favourite boots, take a look at these tips for good care of your boots and take notes.

  1. Never rub your boots with harsh materials. Always use a soft cloth ideally with water and some mild soap.  Dish soap will do.
  2. When cleaning suede boots, use a tooth brush, so any dirt trapped inside the material will be removed.
  3. To protect your boots, one can use a protection spray which inhibits dirt to get deep into the material of the boots.
  4. Moisturize your leather boots frequently by using leather moisturizer / polish.
  5. Never store your boots dirty, always clean your boots before putting them back into their respective box.
  6. During the seasons where boots are not worn, store your boots in an ambient temperature. Also take them out of the box from time to time to get some air.  Humidity can cause mold to grow on your boots.

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