Dirty Works Products

Approximately 1 month ago I was at the supermarket buying groceries.  I was thinking I I needed a body scrub because I just finished it.  I do not normally like to buy beauty products from supermarkets, but as I was in the area of these items I spotted Dirty Works, which to be honest I saw adverts about it, but I wasn’t sure.  I thought I give them a try so I bought the  Dirty Works Foot Butter with Peppermint Oil and the Coconut Body Scrub.  These over the counter products carry with them very affordable prices, so like I thought if I don’t like them I will throw them away.  Their packaging is colourful which makes you want to use them immediately and also to say it all, it was their packaging which made me notice them.  I mean they are even ideal to give them as a gift!   Products smell good especially the scrub, which since I bought it, its smell never left my room. When I apply the foot cream it gives you a fresh feeling which helps to minimize tiredness in legs.  Even though it has the peppermint smell, it is still not that smell that makes you feel you’re in a room that was cleaned a minute ago.  It has a touch of sweet smell.  The scrub is good and you don’t have to use big quantities to cover a full body. To be honest but I expected it to be more granulated, but that also depends on the individual tastes.

Overall I recommend these products, and I am going to try some more products from their range, which includes more body products and face products.


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