The Mermaid Dress


I know lots of girls are crazy about mermaid dresses. Who isn’t?

I consider them as one of the prettiest styles for a gown.  In advance these are some tips to consider.

Each of us comes in a different shape and size.  So these are some tips which help us not to regret our decision and also so that each individual will adjust with respect of which style of dress she should choose.

  1. If you are an apple or a pear shape this dress is not ideal for you. Try experimenting with dresses that will have more detail on the shoulder and bust area and then fall down.  Like that one will obtain a more hour glass shape.


  2. It is important that the right measurements are taken or else you will lose the beauty of the dress. Make sure that whoever takes your measurements will be a professional dress maker.
  3. Important – Seamless underwear!
  4. Mermaid dresses will limit how much one can move. Try the dress with your legs a bit apart so you can feel how comfortable you can be.
  5. If you really want to show off your figure don’t choose stiff fabrics.
  6. Don’t use spaghetti straps. Sleeveless or backless but not spaghetti straps.  They make mermaid dresses look cheap.
  7. Don’t overdo it with accessories. Let the dress work its magic.

                                                                   Until the next time…
    Style Syco

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