Wearing White During a Wedding

We are in the wedding season.  For every wedding we girls stress about the dress, make-up, hair.  We want to be perfect for the event.

There is this thing but… Is it appropriate to where white for a wedding?

The answer is a big “NO!”

These are some common excuses

Even if you really desperately like the dress, and there is no other dress you can imagine yourself into, it’s a “NO!”

And adding more color to it, still won’t make it acceptable.

If you are just a guest and you don’t know the bride, it’s still a “NO!”  Respect at least the person who invited you as their plus one, since he/she will know the bride.

Another excuse is the budget, please, open your wardrobe and use an old one, or maybe try to do little alterations to an old one like a long dress turning it into a short one, borrow one from a friend, or try finding a good deal on eBay or in a bazaar.  Then you can add to the cheap dress and some jewellery and you still look perfect for the wedding.

Normally I try to catch bargains when I see appropriate dresses for weddings, I buy them, and store them in case of emergency, then when I receive an invite, Voila!, One problem solved. We all love shopping, so it’s not a drastic thing to do.

Last thing; never ask the bride if you can wear white.  She might say yes so she doesn’t sound too bridezilla, so try not to be selfish!


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