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Armin Only Embrace World Tour – Amsterdam

While I am still holding to my memories of the Armin Only Intense in Amsterdam, the Embrace Tour had just started.
Well I couldn’t make it to Amsterdam, but I was glued to Facebook waiting for Armin to get live (I trusted he would)!

The Armin Only Embrace Opening was spectacular. I could see that the level of the show is getting higher with every performance.  While Armin was interviewing the crew they mentioned that there was more than 300 cues for lights.  More than in a usual theatrical show!

For me the best part of the show is the 1 hour vinyl set, which I listened to it all.  Armin during the vinyl set connects so much with the audience.

I congratulate the whole team and I hope I will be able to witness at least one live show of the Embrace Tour.  For sure I am going to be following every show around the world.


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Ultra Music Festival Miami – Armin Van Buuren’s Opening

Even though I wasn’t at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami which was held between the 18 – 20th of March 2016, obviously I was streaming my favorite Artists.

I was impressed by Armin Van Buuren’s opening.  He opened his set with Dominator (ID Remix) – Human Resource. OMG this week I heard this opening for so many times. Exceptional show, never disappointing.

So for those of you who missed this opening, or want to revert your memories, or like me not getting tired of it, here it is!


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A State of Trance 750 – Utrecht

The most waited Trance of the Year had arrived and unfortunately ended.

27th Feb 2016, in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, an amazing journey to the A State of Trance 750.

Travelling around the Netherlands, having fun in Amsterdam, good group of friends, food and laughs, the day had arrived and here I was at the event which I’ll wait for it all year.


So many stages and different Djs! I wished I could split in 4 pieces and be in each room.


The first DJ I heard was Marlo at the main stage.  It was my first time hearing Marlo and it was a good set.  Then after there was a 15min minute celebration by Armin Van Buuren, to show from where ASOT had started and where it is today 15 years after.  I cannot explain the feeling one feels, being surrounded by thousands of people sharing the same passion for Trance Music from all around the world.  Also seeing that this something that some people say that its dying, its actually not.

After there was a 1 hour set by the God of Trance Armin Van Buuren.  This wasn’t my first time hearing Armin live.  I heard him several times in Malta and also several times in the Netherlands as well.  It was an amazing set as usual and I always say… An hour is not even close to enough!


The next set I went to was by Bryan Kearney.  This was my first time hearing him live, and I was really looking forward.  I went crazy when I saw him on the line-up, because I was following him from the start.  He made a really good, smashing set! I couldn’t stop dancing.  I also enjoyed the set by Astrix, which it was also my first time hearing them live.

The next stop was Armin’s Vinyl set.  It was sad to hear that it had to be cancelled, after an accident happened to Paul Van Dyk.  We were so shocked, also taking into concern that Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk are great friends.

We continued our last hour of the festival in the Who’s Afraid of 138? Stage.  Vini vici gave an amazing set, and to be honest I was really looking forward for this festival also to hear some good psytrance.


As usual this was another amazing experience, which is in my library of memories with the others.  I will be waiting for next year.  For me A State of Trance is an amazing experience for all the Trance lovers.  I meet and make friends with different people.  It really connects me with the music. And as Armin says for that night we turn the world into a dancefloor.

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