Cherish The Way You Sparkle

Lots of people when a new year start they do resolutions. One common resolution is that we are going to start eating less, be on a diet and go to the gym.


It is not a bad resolution, but lots of us do not keep it. I think the best resolution anyone can make is: To start taking care, to love and to believe in yourself. Stop looking at the success of others, start looking at yours. Appreciate what you have. Ignore the bad comments, and use them as motivation.

My Story:

I was always a size 4 (or below). Always looking at the mirror and think that I am gaining weight and that I am eating a lot.
I know that out there, there are lots of women who struggle with this problem every single day. Women that not necessary think that they are gaining weight, but whenever they look at the mirror they just don’t like what they are seeing. We all want to be perfect and the media pictures these perfect photos of women, and we feel under pressure that we are not good enough.
In the case of eating disorders, the women who are suffering know that they are thin. Its like an addiction, you can’t get enough. You can’t help the urge and the feelings. If you speak up, you will hear comments like “Oh come on, you are saying that to tell you how skinny you are” or “You are crazy, just crazy.”
So we end up shutting our mouth, keep thoughts to ourselves and just keep getting thinner.

Hopefully eating disorders will decrease. Lots of awareness is being raised.

One day I was scrolling on Facebook and I found a video clip and a page by Taryn Bramfitt. Her page is Body Image Movement. She taught me something: You will never be happy until the day you accept yourself the way you are.

It made me realize that whatever I do, I am never happy with myself. I will always find something else. I will never see anything good in me.
I decided that I need to start living without the pressure to please anyone.

I was always a fan of fitness training so I started going to fitness classes. First it was Piloxing which is: A non-stop, cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits. It made me feel powerful, discovering my abilities, stamina and self-control. After about 8 months I moved to more intensive training. Boot Camp Sessions – which basically you do a 1 hour of training equivalent to the training army soldiers are given. I go for classes for 2 times a week at 1hr each.
The rest of the week sometimes I go running or 15min short fitness workouts at home.
I was using lots of energy, my muscles toning up, feeling more calm and starting eating more and at the same time healthy (and yes I eat sweets and junk when I am in the mood!).

At first it was a bit difficult, the part where my clothes where getting tighter. I was used to my clothes to be loose, of course the problem was I was underweight. Sometimes I had like small panic attacks, but with help of close people, I started to understand.
I was gaining weight, but I needed that, I was looking healthy. I started receiving comments like “You look different”, “Your hair is getting thicker”. My friend told me: “I had a friend who was in a body of a girl, now I have a woman”.
I started to accept myself and started to feel beautiful. I was doing this for me. Whenever you do something do it for yourself. Whether its a cosmetic surgery or a simple haircut or even a decision in life that will effect your future, do it for you, not because someone wants to see you differently. Do things that make you happy.

large (1)

I completed a course in fashion styling and accomplished a bit my fear of public speaking as we had to do presentations for the class. Then I started this blog.

The road for a happy life and for success is that you have to love yourself and accept yourself with all your low and high points. Learn about your character so you will start to discover how you can handle yourself in different situations and understand your emotions. Believe in your dreams and ideas and don’t be afraid to be different.


Everyone is capable of something. We have one life and we have to live it. The most import thing is to live it happy.

-Style Syco

One thought on “Cherish The Way You Sparkle

  1. This is awesome! I am in recovery from 20 years of anorexia and man is it a beast to heal from! I never knew that I was skinny. I thought I was huge at all times. Unless I disappeared, I thought I was too big. I felt guilty for taking up any space at all, and now, I am happy to enjoy the space that I’ve been given, and the people around me enjoy it too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story! |


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