Women and Careers 

We all want to make it into the big world. Sometimes women are underestimated. We need to have control of our personal lifes, children, taking care of ourselves i.e the way we look, the way we dress in other word we have to keep our image. With all of this going around we have to keep up with our careers. We are expected to give more to show how much we are worth.

The first think all women have to keep in mind: Wake up, look in the mirror and think of yourselves as a success. Remember we can do everything in high heels! 👠

Believe in yourselves and let no one intimidate you. Stick always to your points. If you have kids and want to restart your career, start bit by bit so you will have the best of both worlds.

Its hard to put everything in 24 hours, but that is the challenge. We are the innee super heroes of ourselves. 

If you want something fight for it and don’t be afraid of change. Its scary, and I know cos I am one of them, but one have to stay strong and don’t give up.

And the last and most important thing: Find time for yourselves. Even if its late, learn how to love yourselves. Be you and let anyone change you. Don’t be scared to be different.


  -XoXo                                                               Style Syco

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