Big Lips or Thin Lips?

So I was thinking, right now its the big boom for Big full lips.  But is this trend for everyone? Does this look fake? Can everyone full it off? Is this making pressure for some to turn to cosmetic surgery? And what about thin lips?

OK, so let’s start by giving you my opinion.  I love big lips, I adore them! But… lately I may felt some kind of pressure since they had to be perfect, while everyone is talking about Kendall Jenner lip trend.  So my statement is, I enjoy doing statement lips.

15th Feb

Plastic Surgery or not, they are nice full lips.  Big lips suits her. By some good contouring and some serious make-up time, these lips can be achieved.  But what about thin lips?


Remember Audrey Hepburn’s thin lips?  This photo is taken from her movie ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.  She looks so pretty and petite in this photo, but with thin lips.  So what happened with having thin lips?

Are the thin lips more lady like?  While big lips make us ladies feel a bit more powerful?


So what do you think?  Both lips are beautiful, but they can send a different message. The big lips show control and independence.  Thin lips show calmness and innocence. 

Which one do you prefer?  What do you think of the 
different trends?  Show off your lips, with different Shapes, Colours, Techniques.

Also which is your favourite lipstick brand?

Use #lipsyco

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